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What is an IP Address?

As you may already know, an IP address is the logical location of your device when it is connected to the Internet. Many users fear that their IP address might reveal their personal information like name, age, home address, or browsing history. Sure, your IP can give away some info but it’s most definitely not personal. However, when it comes to browsing the internet, you can never be too careful and it is of utmost importance to take care of your privacy by staying anonymous.

First, you should know that any website you visit will have access to your:

What is my IP? For some, the IP address is fixed or is a Static IP, and remains constant no matter how often you log on. For most, the IP address is a Dynamic IP, allocated randomly by the internet service provider each time you go online.

But whichever format you use, your IP address is assigned to that specific device for the entire time you are online and is attached to every piece of information you access.

What does an IP Address look like

An IP address comes in a standard format of four sets of numbers, each of which ranges from 0 to 255. Each number is then separated by a decimal point. E.g.: 172.84.371.1

Why do we need IP Addresses?

The IP address fundamentally acts the same as the address of where you live. Without your address, letters cannot arrive, and without the IP address of your device, information cannot be sent or received. And we’re not just talking about emails. The online data you access and download every single moment you are online is simply inaccessible without a valid IP address.

And with every piece of data, you send or receive, your IP address is attached, showing the world where you are and what you are doing.

Why Would You Want to Hide IPs?

Hiding an IP is like using a PO Box instead of your own home address. It means you can carry out your online activity with complete discretion and anonymity.
Hiding an IP ensures a greater level of online security for your private information and reduces the chance of identity theft or fraud occurring.
Furthermore, hiding your IP or choosing one from another country, can provide access to data that is blocked in your own country. This could be as simple as being able to watch BBC iPlayer while on holiday or using Facebook in China, or it could provide access to vital business documents when you are abroad.

How Do I Hide My IP Address?

The simplest way to hide your IP address is to subscribe to a high-quality VPN such as Easy Hide-IP.
Not only will we hide your IP address but we will also let you choose the IP address you want to use, ensuring that no one will be able to connect your online activity with your physical location.

Benefits of using a VPN to change the IP address